Insomnia: Poem / Insomnio: Poema

Insomnio - Simple Mente - ISRA

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[EN] I usually compose songs starting with a sticky melody. This was not the case: Insomnia is a poem which talks about a relationship with other who is not here, but still is in us.

I wrote this poem while two of my closest friends were losing someone important in their life, and I was too far to be with them. On holidays by the sea, I paused for a moment thinking about the endless and sleepless nights unexpected, having for sure after their end we are all part of the same and while we are living, we only savour reminiscences and hopes as fragile as our humanity.
I wrote this poem to say “I’m with you. You don’t have my body, but you have my heart” and to tell myself “My lovers are with me. Maybe I’ve missed their bodies but I have their hearts”.


Full of dreams,
opened eyes.
Nights of… Insomia.

I can hear you beside me.
Can somebody realize that as I?
I will give you this moment
without thinking if you’re miles away

The many sleepless nights
have come to end tonight
Heaven knows the reason why

If I overcome fragility inside
Will you be by my side till the end of time?

Take this commemoration
although you left your body behind.
While I’m tasting our moments,
you’re alive when I hold on the past.

[ES] Normalmente compongo canciones partiendo de una melodía pegajosa. Éste no fue el caso:
Insomnio es un poema que habla de la relación con un otro que no está, pero que aún es en nosotros.

Escribí este poema mientras dos de mis mejores amigxs estaban perdiendo a alguien importante en su vida y yo estaba lejos. De vacaciones en la costa y con el mar de fondo, me detuve en las noches eternas de desvelo inseperadas, sabiendo que luego del final todos somos parte de lo mismo y mientras tanto solo saboreamos reminiscencias y esperanzas tan volubles como nuestra humanidad.

Escribí este poema para decir “Estoy contigo. No tienes mi cuerpo, pero tienes mi corazón”
y decirme: “Mis amantes están conmigo. Tal vez perdí sus cuerpos, pero tengo sus corazones”.

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