Monstruo – Idea

It wanted it to sound monstrous: heavy, slow and cold, with a descending chords progesión and ostentatious in austerity: For 3 minutes the song is only melody’s voice and 4 chords of piano…


. Fahrenheit VERSE 1 The wall is turning into red It wraps you, it pulls you. It bathes you in thirst. Awakens your animal side It burns you, excuses are fathoms… CHOIR Every minute you feel higher and higher Burning what you touch and what you can see You become delirious hugged by the fire…

Insomnia: Poem / Insomnio: Poema

Algo similar / Something similarTodo para mí ¿Inspiración? / Inspiration?MicrorrelatoAlgo diferente / Something differentIglesia y estado

Castillo – Lyrics / Letra

Construimos un castillo en el aire, en el aireWe built a castle, we built a castle, in the air, in the airsostenerlo fue imposible, era tarde, era tarde.We couldn’t hold it, we couldn’t hold it, it was late, it was late. Lo encendimos, lo avivamos, lo dejamos apagarYes, we light it. Yes, we fan it….