In torno all’idol mío – Cesti

Antonio Cesti Something similar / Algo similarFrom tenor… – De TenorInspiration? / ¿Inspiración?Monstruo / MonsterAlgo diferente / Something differentFahrenheit

Insomnia: Poem / Insomnio: Poema

Algo similar / Something similarTodo para mí ¿Inspiración? / Inspiration?MicrorrelatoAlgo diferente / Something differentIglesia y estado

Dime – Translation

Tell me Tell me how to act when there’s nobody here. What I have to show without your eyes on me? Tell me what to do with lots of hugs to give when you stay miles and miles away from here? What will happen with confessions that just are bridges that erase spaces between us? If…

Somos más / We are more

We are more I will show what you cannot see under my skin We are more than money which hand to hand comes and go. We are more than objects; if we put a price we worth more. It is not too late, nor too far now we know it right. Don’t waste your life…