All I need / Todo para mí

After 25 years and many beautiful creative projects, I check my experiences and resignified what has value to me Algo similar / Something similarVulnerable¿Inspiración? / Inspiration?Belleza / BeautyAlgo diferente / Something differentCountertenor

Dime – Translation

Tell me Tell me how to act when there’s nobody here. What I have to show without your eyes on me? Tell me what to do with lots of hugs to give when you stay miles and miles away from here? What will happen with confessions that just are bridges that erase spaces between us? If…

Baptism / Bautismo

“Los problemas son como el agua: Un día mirarás atrás y verás que han pasado.”

Isra’s Manual / Manual de Isra

Many times I read the prhase: “People should have a manual to understand them”. Here is mine. Things you should know about Isra: Isra feels safe on opposite extremes: Privacy or public exposure. Isra accepts contradictions (is a superposition of them). Thinks eccentrically, based on disruptive ideas. Isra doesn’t fit completely in preexisting genres. Isra…