Monstruo (lyrics) Traducción

MONSTER (Monstruo)

You will save us running away, away
You will start again, again (again)

Facing all those who observe
you feel like another object
hurting yourself from inside…

Take my paradise and fly away from here
Please be happy cause we both deserve it
Don’t expect for me to judge you like the others
’cause I know you from the inside out.
Everytime that you feel ugly just remember:
There will always be somebody with you
who will love your defects as much as I do now.

Walking trough the narrow road
filled with doubts and secrets
our home is what we found.
Tought of you there’s only fragments,
I respect your emotions
and I dare you to fly.

I beg you to make this moment last forever
I’m missing you and you are still here
tough we couldn’t face the others’ obsession
and uncapable to save our
You know it deserves the pain completly
In my mind your face will always return
like a monster who is scared by its own fears.