Nobody can tell you where to go

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In the business world, it is normal for us to talk about concepts such as “mission” and “vision.” But how can they contribute to our lives? Nothing more and nothing less than to understand our day to day as a fertile ground to believe and grow in something more than a salary.


For the GPS generation, the compass may seem an obsolete object, even unknown. Due to the magnetism of our planet its needle always points to the north and serves so that at any time we have it as a reference to guide us. In the same way that this object guides us in space, something that guides us in time is also necessary since without a clear vision our days pass and our meaning fades.

At the end of my advertising degree I was sure that I wanted to work on that but I did not want to do it without first working in other positions and empathizing with life outside the agencies bubble so when life forced me to take a break from the university I exercised as a waiter, cosmetics seller, telephone operator, designer … I wanted to try everything!

When I was 24 years old and I was studying the last subject I needed for the title, I remembered why I liked advertising: Because of the creative teamwork environment thirsty for innovations. Although the search took almost the whole year (I briefly tell it in “When I was 24“) I finally managed to enter my first advertising agency and having no previous experience in the field they decided to join the content loading team.

A year later I realized that I wanted a more central position and aimed at achieving objectives: Account Executive. I felt ready to request the change of position and my supervisor scheduled a meeting to discuss it. With all the expectation I had, imagine how I felt when in our first talk I left with more work: not only he asked me for more commitment but also he gave me courses to take, readings to review and even more performance tests. When I left that meeting, I honestly didn’t feel halfway: I felt under zero.

My friends told me “It is unnecessary to expose yourself to that” and I will not deny that more than once I thought “What if that supervisor resigns, changes company or does not keep his word?” but I understood that I could never regret trying and nobody could take away what I learned so when in doubt I chose to believe in my vision and that of my leader.

598/5000The wait was extended another year (which in an youthful time is an eternity) and to placate the anxiety I took as much extra responsibility as I could: From suggesting and implementing improvements, to integrating various teams and doing as much training as I could. In perspective I see that the biggest change occurred when I changed and decided that neither a title, nor a position, nor a salary, etc. (complete with any possible limitation) would be my limit. To achieve this I had to live as if I had succeeded. There is no such thing as: “First they recognize me, then I demonstrate my ability.” It is totally the other way around.

My conditions were not going to define my generosity. I already had my north and I just had to stay authentic, working on my strengths as on my weaknesses as a professional but above all as a human being.

When I arrived at the post I didn’t have to prove anything because I had already done it on the way. Just keep walking and for that same faith (no matter how) I knew I was going to come to fruition because my destiny had decided years ago. “Believing in me” is not a product of circumstances or external recognition but of my previous and internal struggles and attitudes to write a story of which I would be proud: in which I was my own daily hero fighting discouragement, since My diligence in cleaning a bathroom at Villa Bosch to deliver an advertising campaign for New York.

Although they inspire us and open the way, no one can walk for us. In our hands is the power to find the north of our life and invest every day in getting closer to the person we want to be and the world in which we want to live.

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