Dime – Translation

Tell me

Tell me how to act when there’s nobody here.
What I have to show without your eyes on me?
Tell me what to do with lots of hugs to give
when you stay miles and miles away from here?

What will happen with confessions that just are
bridges that erase spaces between us?
If I have the winters but I miss your voice
there’s a piece of me you’ve taken and I lost

Tell me: When you will be back. Are we going to restart?
Tell me: When you will accept, when I will accept what it was?
Hear the beating of my heart overflowing this city now
Tell me you will not regret what we let passed by, and you are right

What will happen with the moments we don’t share?
Should I save my words for our next time?
What if our story simply didn’t end?
You gave up when it started the best part

I can live without you, but it isn’t true

What will happen with the unsaid words we have?
Heaven only knows if they went far enough…

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